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Croozebuddies is a new service for people who like to cruise and meet new friends and companions even BEFORE they get on board. People sailing on the same ship,on the same date from the same port now have the opportunity to connect with people with similar interests prior to sailing....communicate with one another in any manner that they wish.

The benefits of using Croozebuddies are:

1. Participants in Croozebuddies have the opportunity make contact with people who like to cruise, ON THE SAME SHIP, who share the same basic interests as they do.And these contacts can be made BEFORE the cruise. No need to meet strangers on the ship. Croozebuddies provides the opportunity to communicate BEFORE you board the ship, as soon as you book your cruise, or as soon as you would like.

2. After respondents receive a notice from Croozebuddies of people who match their criterion, the respondents can make contact and get to know each other through e-mails, phone calls and even exchange photos; when meeting on board it will be like meeting “friends” you already know.

3. Croozebuddies can help to avoid meeting people that are not compatible with each other... Find Croozebuddies who share the same interests, likes and activities. Croozebuddies can help decide side trips by sharing special interests with new Croozebuddies. Determine who is compatible enough to spend valuable time with. Make special dining arrangements with people you enjoy, take side trips that can enhance your friendships. Make contacts with matching Croozebuddies and make your cruise experience even more enjoyable.

Cruising is FUN! It is a great fantasy and an escape from everyday routines… Make it even more enjoyable…Have Fun! TRY CROOZEBUDDIES TODAY!